10 Of The Best Vacation Spots, You’ll Want To Visit This Summer

For those of us dealing with the brutal cold right now, we are ready to get away. What would be a better idea than to start planning our summer vacation(s) in January?? That’s right, nothing!!! Here are some of the best vacation spots to go to this summer!

10. Great Barrier Reef

If you have a heart for adventure, this is one for your bucket list for sure. The reef, located in Australia, runs from Cape York up north all the way to Bundaberg in the south! It’s over 1,800 miles! This is definitely a sight to see! There is almost an endless amount of possibilities to explore.

Photo: CoffeewithMilk/Pixabay

9. Singapore

Singapore is known as one of the world’s most miraculous sites to see. This would be a beautiful view as well as an educational trip. Singapore is filled with museums for young historians to explore. Whether you want to visit a beautiful garden (Gardens by the Bay) or spend the day shopping and sightseeing at Marina Bay. Singapore is a “must-see” at least once in your lifetime unless of course, you can’t live without chewing gum because that is illegal to consume to sell there!

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8. Cape Cod

Alright, let’s get a little less extravagant and a little more local for everybody. Face it, leaving the country or going on very expensive vacations is not an option for a lot of people, myself included. There is nothing wrong with that and there is plenty to do within the USA if that is where you are located. Cape Cod is a beautiful place to go. It has a lot of beaches and bike trails as well as shops and amazing seafood places. Life seems to just slow down and feel easy when you are at the Cape. If you are looking for a beautiful, relaxing vacation, you must go there at least once! Especially if you have a love for seafood.

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7. Seattle Washington

Seattle is a beautiful vacation spot. It goes without saying that the number one reason you want to go here is to see the famous space needle as seen on many of our favorite shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19. You can also go to some awesome winery’s or maybe try out the underground history tour that they have! This would be a great place to go with your significant other, your friends or even bring the whole family!

Photo: Pexels/pixabay

6. Boston Massachusetts

Boston is a great place to visit. There are beautiful parks to walk through. Some of the best pubs to eat at. Awesome baseball games at Fenway. For those of you who like to see shows or plays, they have plenty of those! They have dinner cruises and duck tours! It’s just one of the most beautiful and enjoyable places to be. Go at the right time and maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of Mark Wahlberg or Tom Brady, or perhaps we’ll teach you how to “pahk ya cah”. There really is no telling what you’ll find in Boston!

Photo: skeeze/pixabay

5. Hawaii

Hawaii is always the first place I think of when I say the phrase “I need a vacation” which is probably around seventy-three times a day, roughly. In Hawaii, you can just lay out at the pool of your resort, or head to the beach if that’s your style. You can even go snorkeling with the turtles while you’re there! Hawaii is a great location for anybody. For those more adventurous, you may want to try out some scuba diving while the less adventurous ones of us (me) stick to hanging with the turtles only semi underwater. You can go whale watching or see some beautiful and historic sights!

Photo BKD/pixabay

4. Las Vegas

These next two will be for the party people. I’m not saying the non-party people wouldn’t want to head over to Vegas as they do have a Grand Canyon South Rim Tour and a HUGE observation wheel as well as a lot of shows and activities. If you are a party person though, you can’t go wrong in Vegas. Whether you want to head to the casino and play slots, or party in the streets there is something for you to do. Want to stay up all night? Great! Head to Vegas because I’m not sure people ever go to bed there!

Photo: Pexels/pixabay

3. New Orleans

Again, there is definitely a lot to do here for my non-party people. They have a haunted tour, amazing restaurants, dance lessons, history walks and so much more. They also have pub crawls, some of the best bars that close around 6AM, street dancing, the whole nine yards. New Orleans is a great place to have a great time! Don’t forget about Mardi Gras! That will be a crazy time!

Photo: ErikaWittlieb/pixabay

2. San Diego, California

There is a lot to do in San Diego! You could check out the famous San Diego Zoo, or maybe head to Legoland. They have museums and trolly tours as well! They are also known for some amazing beaches as well as some whale and dolphin watches! San Diego is a great family spot to head to this summer!

Photo: PDPhotos/pixabay

1. Disney World

I saved my personal favorite for last. This is a trip you will want to save up a good chunk of money for, but in my personal opinion, it is well worth it. Disney World in Florida is the most magical place you will ever encounter. The Magic Kingdom is filled with so much fun that any age can enjoy! Head over to the Animal Kingdom to see cool animals, the Tree of Life or some amazing shows. Maybe you’ll want to go to Hollywood studios to see some of your favorite famous people, or some great shows! Don’t forget to learn all about how the world has evolved on Spaceship Earth over in Epcot before you go drink around the world! If you need to get some shopping in, head over to Disney Springs. I’d say choose a time where you can have 6 or 7 days at Disney and go wild. It is the number 1 vacation spot for any season on our list!

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There it is folks. 10 awesome vacation spots to start planning for this summer. We’ve got some for people wanting to explore outside the US, we have some for families to enjoy, and we have some that maybe only adults want to enjoy. Whatever it is, you should be able to have one awesome vacation at one of these bucket list spots!