20 WW3 Meme’s You Didn’t Know You Couldn’t Live Without Seeing

20. You laughing at all the WW3 Memes VS. You when you get that draft letter

19. This was all Siri’s fault

18. When you glance at the Russian ambassador’s notes and realize WW3 is happening

17. When you get that WW3 draft letter

16. Alexa, play some good tunes

15. Hello? I would like to deport myself.

14. Good morning

13. When you have one more shot to take

12. Sorry, no can do

11. Can I please see your birth certificate? You may be eligible to enlist.

10. #YouCan’tSeeMe

9. heheheh…oh

8. Lets head back to 2019

7. Nervous Laughter

6. More nervous laughter

5. Memes > Worry

4. When you’re just doing your part

3. When the panic sets in

2. But at least we know we’re always perfect with the meme generator

1. Well shit