A Haunting Of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital

The amount of people we’ve watched die on this show is not a number I can even count anymore. And if I try to count, I’ll just cry remembering them all. We’ve lost people we’ve watched for YEARS. And we’ve lost people who may have only been a patient for one single episode but captured our hearts instantly. I don’t know about you guys, but all these deaths made me feel some type of way.

Now stay with me here – the finale. How sick would it be if they could bring back all of the people, we ever loved that died? I’m talking George, Derek, Mark, Lexie, Doc, the bomb squad guy, Denny, Henry, Ellis, Adele, FUCKING ELSIE?!?!!? Tell me you all remember Elsie. Her and her husband Lewis are the old retired surgeons. She did great in surgery but when Amelia comes to check on her, she had died and Lewis tells Amelia the time of death. COME ON. I need these people back.

They could even bring back someone like Gary Clark and his wife. I don’t know about you all. But I would LOVE to see how she reacts to knowing he went all psycho killer on them all. And the serial killer who was sentenced to death and Mer went to watch. I NEED THIS ALL TO HAPPEN.

If the show doesn’t end with all these people walking around the hospital as ghosts, then it won’t be the best ending it could have been!!!