Alex’s Fate Has Been Revealed…And It Has More Twists Than We Expected

Spoilers ahead so if you don’t want to know where Alex Karev is, stop reading now.

Wow guys, is anybody as shocked as I am right now? It only took about twenty minutes for us to find out what happened to Alex. There were so many theories. Is he dead? Is he with his mom? Did he get mugged and kidnapped? Did he get sick? Nope. He is with Izzie Stevens. The twists don’t stop there… SHE HAD HIS BABIES. Two twins. A boy and a girl.

Photo: ABC

The episode starts out with Merideth, Bailey, and Jo all receiving letters. He reached out to Izzie after Meredith’s trial. She told him she had his children and he couldn’t imagine a life without them. He wanted to give them the father he never had. The life he never got. The family he always dreamt of.

Not only is he gone, but he left his shares of the hospital to Jo, signed divorce papers and left her everything he had. He is gone, Grey’s family. Our Alex is gone.

This. Is. Heartbreaking. My jaw is still on the floor. What is in store for Jo next? How is everybody going to react to this news?

We did get a lot of flashbacks in this episode which probably made all of us laugh and cry. We have our answers now. We can move forward…. (or we can lay in the fetal position, cry and call out of work for the next week and a half. I know which one I’m doing.