Amelinc, Kaimelia Or Jolinc?

We’ve all been thinking about it. What do we think the best outcome is going to be for these relationships?

Some want Amelia and Linc to get back together and have more kids and live happily ever after. Some want Jo and Linc to work out while others think it is an awful idea and forced. Others are set on Kai and Amelia starting their journey together as well.

Let’s break it down, Amelia and Linc want different things. For some reason, Amelia either doesn’t want to settle down or maybe doesn’t want to settle down with Linc. She seems to have her heart set on Kai right now and Kai has their heart set on Amelia. Will that work out? Especially with Kai going back to Minnesota. Will they be able to handle the long-distance aspect of the relationship?

Then you have Jo and Linc. They have amazing chemistry after being best friends since Jo was married to Paul before she came to Seattle in the first place. They have lived together and basically co-parented together as friends for quite some time now. They got intimate which seemed to work, but as we know, Jo had bigger feelings. In an attempt to not ruin the friendship, Linc moved out and Jo is now seeing a patient’s brother. Do we think Jo and her new love interest will last? Or will it ultimately be sabotaged by the fact that she loves Linc and needs to tell him? Will he reciprocate when she tells him or is he too in love with Amelia still?

These are questions Grey’s fans have been asking since Linc proposed on the beach at Maggie’s wedding. There are so many scenarios that could come of this particular situation, but which one will make fans the happiest? Which ones will make the characters the happiest? Will Amelia feel betrayed that Linc and Jo have been intimate? They did spend a lot of time together while he was with Amelia, as Jo is his best friend.

We hope this will start to come to light before season 18 ends, and we won’t have to wait until season 19 to find out. What are your thoughts?