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Quiz: Can You Guess These Grey’s Anatomy Character?

How well do you know Grey-Sloan Memorial's doctors? Test your knowledge right here!
My parents got divorced. My mother is dead. I've had 4 significant others. I am head of my department
I have a remarkable memory. I have many sisters. I am loved by all. I stress eat.
I was almost married twice. I was one of the most talented interns. I watched my mentor die. I'm now in Zurich
They called me Dirty Uncle Sal. You fell in love with me. I broke your heart. I'm great with kids.
I've come close to death. I've experienced a lot of death around me. I lost a baby. I lose the love of my life.
I break the rules for love. I'm an optimistic person. I plan a great wedding.
The ladies find me very attractive. I've been married twice. My ego is as big as my hair. I built a house
I fell in love easily. I was hurt multiple times. I was let go from my job
My family is well known. I had two children. I've been married once. I've been in two weddings, including my own.
I was in a bad accident. I've had terrible luck with relationships. I was married to a man who is now dead. I love being a mom.
I have been chief. I had an affair. I've been married twice. I have a daughter. I graduated from Northwestern University.
I started out tough as nails, but have since softened. I've had my share of nicknames including "The Nazi". My son's name is Tuck
I was in a bad accident. I suffered from it. I have a child. I lost my brother.
You probably didn't like me at first. I started off shy and afraid. I turned into a fantastic, brave surgeon. I have overcome many obstacles and still keep my faith.
I did my internship at Grey Sloan. I favored neurosurgery. I have a huge burden I'm living with. I killed a patient.
I was punched in the middle of the hospital. I fell in love. The love of my life came back. I had two significant others
I started off with people doubting me. I loved the same person for years and years. I slept with Mark Sloan. My husband died
I'm a ladies man. You had to grow to love me. I slept with Addison and fell in love with her
I was almost married twice. I was shot. I have two children
I had two brothers. My father is dead. I had an affair. I've been married once.
Can You Guess These Grey's Anatomy Character?
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