Deluca’s passing on Grey’s Anatomy fixed the show’s mental health issue.

The passing of Andrew Deluca in Grey’s Anatomy season 17 helped the program’s portrayal of mental illness, which had been a flaw. Although Deluca’s passing was surprising and devastating, it really solved the show’s mental health issue. Andrew Deluca battled greatly when he was on Grey’s Anatomy. The basic idea of medical dramas is followed by Grey’s Anatomy, which focuses on the lives of surgical interns, residents, and attendings as they attempt to balance their professional and personal lives, which sometimes intersect. With 19 seasons and counting, Grey’s Anatomy started airing in 2005 and has no plans to end anytime soon. This is why it’s important to look at the show’s issues with mental health — and how Grey’s Anatomy solved them.

Andrew Deluca (Gianniotti), a character on Grey’s Anatomy, is at the centre of this mental health problem. In reality, Deluca’s character is a microcosm of how Grey’s Anatomy’s narrative has developed over the course of the programme’s later seasons, from his entrance and story arc through his death in the show. It also exposes a lot about Grey’s Anatomy as a whole and how its treatment of mental health as a topic shifted, which in turn explains why Deluca’s passing felt so sad. By exploring what happened to Deluca and looking at it in greater detail. Here is how the Grey’s Anatomy character Deluca’s death prepared the path for the programme to resolve a persistent issue.

The show’s protagonist Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), who began as an intern and is now the head of general surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, introduces viewers to a wide range of people, including patients, family members, friends, and love relationships. The latter group included Andrew Deluca, whose storyline revealed one of the show’s flaws. However, the issue was resolved by Deluca’s passing.

Deluca made his Grey’s Anatomy debut and joined the cast in the closing episodes of season 11, when he stumbled upon an accident on his way to Grey Sloan Hospital and stopped to aid, directing the rescue squad to the hospital. Deluca was mistrusted by his coworkers since they thought he was an attending physician but subsequently discovered he was only an intern. In season 15, Deluca began to get along with the rest of the medical staff and began a love relationship with Meredith.

Deluca, like his father, who had mania and had caused him to go into a lot of difficulty in Italy years earlier, had mental health issues and displayed symptoms of it. Dr. Bailey didn’t believe him when he raised his concerns about a patient who was a victim of human trafficking in season 16, despite the fact that he sought treatment and attended therapy. How exactly did Deluca pass away? As he continued to look into this case of human trafficking, Deluca was attacked and murdered at Grey Sloan Hospital in season 17. For a number of reasons, Deluca’s death on Grey’s Anatomy is significant.