Don’t F**k With Cats – The Overview You Need If The Documentary Is Just Too Much To Watch

Credit: Don’t F**K With Cats – Netflix

This is for the people who are curious as to what this documentary was all about, but not willing to watch the raw footage. So buckle up, be prepared for spoilers, and be warned that the content within this documentary is sick and twisted. Though, I will try to be as discreet as possible for you.

The documentary is only 3 episodes long. A twisted young man posts a video of himself on Youtube of him placing two small kittens in a vacuum seal bag. He then proceeds to suck out all of the air, ultimately killing these two kitties. We all have the same thought right about now and that is: what kind of sick bastard would do something like this???

This video goes viral fast and a group of average men and women form ready to analyze every inch of it to find this bastard and bring him to justice. They are pausing the video every shot and trying to find bits and pieces of anything that will give them a clue. After finding some things such as a yellow vacuum cleaner and a pack of cigarette’s they come to the conclusion that he is in North America.

Another video is then released of a cat tied to the top of a broomstick. He proceeds to hold the cat underwater and drown him. Again, this group of people is out to find him. In the midst of their search, another group of people believes they have found the culprit and start harassing another younf man. Our original crew are not convinced this is the correct person as he lives on a whole other continent, not North America. Too many facts are pointing to North America. Sadly, this young man, who was NOT the culprit takes his own life.

Finally, a third video is released. Now it is a kitten on a bed, and then you see a large snake. We all know what’s coming next. This kitten is now the snake’s dinner.

In one of the videos, you are able to see some landmarks off the balcony this asshole is standing on. This normal group of men and women are able to pinpoint this location and get in contact with police. Finally, he is found and brought to justice. He tries to blame it on a man who is abusing him and forcing him to do these foul things. We then find out this man is a character in a movie and this is a fully made-up situation. The man is brought to justice, thank God.

This documentary is difficult to watch. Though they do not show the entire Youtube videos, they do show parts of them which are horrifying enough. Proceed with caution if you still want to watch, but for those of you who do not, I hope this brief summary was enough.

And thank you to that group of men and women who cared enough to go through all this work to help bring this mother fucker down.