Ellen Pompeo Gives Small Reaction To Justin Chamber’s Exit From Grey’s Anatomy

The news of Justin Chamber’s suddenly leaving broke just within the past week. We’ve reported some insight as to why he left. We have also reported his original statement. We have all been left heartbroken after receiving this news and anxiously waiting to hear how his coworkers feel and how the show will play out.

It hasn’t been very satisfying, to say the least. Ellen broke the silence but did not give us much to work with. Vanity Fair tweeted out “#GreysAnatomy is about to feel one of its biggest losses yet.” Linked with their article. Ellen retweeted this with the statement “Truer words have never been spoken” with a broken heart emoji

There hasn’t been a lot of other reaction from other costars that we’ve seen. One heartwarming Instagram post was made by Omar Leyva. He played the father of the young girl in which Meredith committed insurance fraud to help. He said “#JustinCahmers is an honest & humble man who made me feel so appreciated from my first episode on #GreysAnatomy. To have shared in his last episode, #greys350, after his incredible run, is unbelievable. From our conversations, I know how much he loves his beautiful family and how ready and deserving he is to venture beyond #alexkarev. Buena Suerte!”

We are all very interested to see where things go from here. I’m also sure we would all like to see how his coworkers respond to everything. It is a top priority for Chambers to get his head straight and live the best and happiest life possible. As fans though, we can only hope to get a little more closure here and even pray he returns toward the finale.