Ellen Pompeo Hints The End Of Grey’s Anatomy At The Emmys

Woah! What did she just say?

Before we jump into the bomb Ellen just chose to drop on us, let’s first talk about how gorgeous she looked at the Emmy Awards tonight! She had a sleeked back long straight ponytail and was wearing a beautiful Elie Saab piece. She went on her own and mentioned her family is trying to be safe and minimal so she was the only one who went there this evening.

Ellen is presenting at tonight’s Emmy Awards, and when stopped for some questions she was asked by Nischelle Turner if they were about to premiere season 19 right now. Ellen laughs and corrects her and lets her know it is season 18. Everyone starts to joke and Kevin Frazier says there has to be a season 19. Ellen’s reaction was laughing but in a horrified manner! She was joking about praying together while they were talking about another season. Later in the conversation, Nischelle mentions the conspiracy theories saying Grey’s Anatomy is ending. Ellen responds by saying those theories are not far off and she has been trying to get away for a while.

She mentioned that if there is something creative to portray, she stays and that they have somehow kept coming up with really good ideas. She could not go any further into detail because she “made promises” to not talk about it, but she definitely let it be known that she feels done with the show and is hoping for it to end soon. Though she loves the network and she loves her cast members and that’s why she is still there right now.

What does this mean? Was she Just joking around to be funny? Did she not even want to do season 18 and that’s why the decision took so long?

We all know it took a very long time to get the word about season 18. This is worrisome that maybe she didn’t really want to do it. Perhaps she was made an offer she couldn’t resist and that is why she said yes this time around. This Just starts to make us wonder if we truly are looking at the end of Greys soon.

Ellen goes on to talk about Kate Walsh coming back and how excited she was. She mentioned how she really loves seeing so many original cast members right now as well. She felt it resonated with people because “everyone wants to have one last conversation with someone they lost.”

Well, there you have it. Grey’s will be coming to an end soon enough, Ellen is looking for a way to wrap it up as soon as possible. As much as we will miss the show, it would also be cool to see her start in other shows or movies and see what kind of character she can be outside of Meredith Grey!