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Grey’s Anatomy Fans Want The Show To End Like This

Theory shared by Melany Hernandez

We fast forward into the future, Zola has started her first day as a surgical intern. Meredith, now chief of surgery is giving the same speech Richard gave on her first day. Zola gets paired up with the little girl from season 6 ep. 21. They need to solve a medical mystery.

The patient is a female in her late 50’s with hallucinations and she cannot stop seeing things from the past. She can smell, see, taste, and feel her hallucinations but her scans are clean. When they’re are doing their research Zola is saying how she is going to become a neurosurgeon to save lives. Because her dad died in a terrible accident because of incompetent doctors. The girl laughs, She says “me too”, and explains how years ago a doctor sat with her and played cards with her while her mother was being operated on. And comforted her when her mother died.

She says I strive to be like her one day. Zola says “do you even know who she was” she laughs and says no but she still strives to be like her. “It was Doctor Yang,” a guy says laughing as he is walking towards them. “Or at least it sounds like her, She told me to become a surgeon when I was rejecting my donor’s heart and I kept my promise and here I am. her name is Cristina yang, she’s an amazing 3 time Catherine Fox award-winning surgeon. Everyone that wants to be a surgeon would want to be like her” “oh and I’m Justin, Justin Flatly.

They all laugh and know they will be friends till the very end. The episode goes on to show Meredith walking through her hospital seeing flashbacks of all the things that happened throughout her whole carrier. She turns into a hallway and sees George and Izzie fighting and doc running through the halls she turns into another one sees bailey sleeping on a gurney. she goes into the elevator sees Derek’s proposal. it flashes and she sees the awkward time her Addison and Derek rode it together.

she walks into an on-call room and sees her and Cristina dancing that one last time. She sits in her office and looks at the couch only to see Derek’s former younger self. He is smiling. She says “you need to go.” ”Get out of here you’re dead you’re not supposed to be here,” He says I’m here for you. As he kisses her cheek. The episode goes on, an intern cracked the Case, we still don’t know who this intern is we have just repeatedly seen scenes of her in the background.

she calls Amelia and fills her in on what she thinks it is. She was right. Amelia goes on to tell Meredith she has a tumor in her frontal lobe. It was too small to see, but it is practically inoperable. Amelia spends weeks practicing and finally gets the courage to operate.

Meredith goes under, during the surgery Amelia starts losing her. We switch to Meredith’s point of view she’s in joes bar the bomb guy is there, George is there in his army uniform, Maggie’s mom… Confused, she scans the room she sees a booth where Lexi, Mark, and Derek are sitting in, she cries and hugs them still confused she says “where am I” “what are you guys doing here” Derek says “remember when I said you were like coming up for fresh air” Meredith nods “this is YOUR fresh air” “we are all here for you”. She looks over the room again she realizes all her past patients are surrounding the room. She sees her mom in the corner of the room “Mom!” She runs to her, they have a quick hug.

Ellis pulls her back and says, I was an extraordinary surgeon. But you ARE an extraordinary surgeon. I am so proud of you Meredith. And fades away, with that Derek comes in the scene with drinks “let’s be just a guy and a girl in the bar again” she looks at him. Wiping her tears off her face. “You are very dreamy but you are not the sun, I am” she kisses him and says “wait for me” and runs through the doors.

When she wakes up she’s in a hospital room Alex is there. “I’m still your emergency contact I see,” he says jokingly Alex! She hugs him “there’s someone I want you to meet, in walks in Izzie and their two kids. After sharing hugs and loving words Meredith says they didn’t have to come all this way for her, Alex says “I wasn’t the only one” she looks out her window and sees everyone. Callie, Arizona, April, Olivia, Cristina, everyone there smiling some wiping tears off their face. She’s in shock. With that Amelia pushes through the crowd with the intern who made the proper diagnosis next to her “yeah they all thought you were gonna die but I’m too good” she says relieved that she actually pulled this off.

“Thank you, Amelia” Meredith says. “Don’t thank me thank her” she points to the shy intern standing behind her. “Thank you- uh what’s your name?” The shy intern takes a step forward “it’s Winnie,” She says “Thank you, Winnie”. Zola hugs Winnie and says “you saved my mom’s life today, I owe you one” Winnie looks at Zola and says “no we’re actually even” the screen fades to white and that’s the end of Grey’s Anatomy.