Grey’s Anatomy: Is Owen Hunt Next to Join Derek Shepherd in Heaven?

Since Shonda isn’t writing for Grey’s Anatomy anymore, we’ve experienced a lot less death on the show.
Now I don’t know if I like this or hate it. Shonda always kept us at the edge of our seats and as
heartbreaking as it was to see George, Mark, Lexie, Derek, and many more die, it also kept the
show interesting and the viewers hooked.

I’m hoping Krista Vernoff has gotten the hint that we are ready for another tear-jerking, heart-wrenching episode. And I believe it will be Owen.

What else is there to do with this guy? He’s knocked up everyone in sight (Amelia’s baby better not be his!!!) He’s fallen in love with everyone in sight. There is just more that could happen if he dies, than if he stays alive. He is a wonderful guardian to Leo, of course, but imagine if he died and now Amelia and Teddy must work together to fight to keep Leo with them. Especially since Amelia decided not to be on the papers! How will Tom react? Will Teddy take him back?

Will he want Leo AND Alison? There is a realm of possibilities here and they start with Owen’s death. Cue Chasing Cars.


A Little Insight Into Why Justin Chambers Left Grey’s Anatomy

The news of Justin Chambers suddenly leaving Greys Anatomy is everywhere. Most of us have heard it by now and we are all devastated. This wasn’t something anybody saw coming or expected. To make things worse, ENews reported that Chambers’s last episode he appeared in, was in fact the FINAL episode he will be in. But why? Here is a little insight into what’s going on.

It looks like Justin Chambers is seeking some treatment for his own mental health. Page Six reported that Chambers checked into a facility that caters to mental health, Privé-Swiss in Connecticut. This is a facility that various celebrities have sought treatment at such as Selena Gomez and Kit Harrington.

Chambers is struggling through stress and depression. This doesn’t come as a complete shock. He has a highly stressful career. He has been on this show for 16 seasons now. That must come with so much stress. The decision in itself to leave the show, knowing he was one of the only originals left and one of the most beloved characters, must have been a choice he did not take lightly.

Page Six was told by a source:

“Justin has been at [Privé-Swiss] for stress and life coaching. He has been seen in the area at different places over several weeks including at a restaurant at Old Saybrook — where he was nice and chatted to other diners, but looked very thin.”

A second source told us that, “Justin was at Privé-Swiss being treated for stress, depression, and life-coaching. There is a lot going on with [‘Grey’s Anatomy”] behind-the-scenes right now.”

We know that Chambers opened up back in 2008 to People Magazine that he had a sleep disorder. He had said: “It’s a biological sleep disorder. Your mind keeps racing, and your body is tired. It wants to go to sleep, but it can’t.”

So, now we have a little more insight into why Chambers left so suddenly. I, personally think more will arise on this and that there may even have been some drama on the set. As we learn more, we will update more. This is the information we have now. As sad as I am that Alex Karev won’t be in another episode, I surely hope the best for Chambers and that this time benefits him.