Grey’s Anatomy: Lexie Grey Returns Next Week

We are literally speechless right now. We’re about to talk about season 17 so proceed at your own risk.

We were all a little hesitant going into last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. We knew it was going to be centered around Teddy Altman and the situation she was going to. They executed the episode very well and really brought awareness to how people struggle with their own situations.

After watching that episode, we all wait to see next week’s promo. We’re ready to see the storyline continue. We all hear 2 AM start playing as they flash to Meredith on the beach, and that’s when the tears start. I instantly knew something was coming, and that it was going to be something really good. Just then we see LEXIE GREY! I still have chills, I’ve watched the promo about a million or so times already. She is the next secret guest on the beach of Meredith’s Covid dreams!

Watch the official promo here!

Lexie was introduced to us as an outgoing, quirky girl who just wanted to get to know her sister. We saw Meredith hate her, and then love her. We saw Lexie’s brilliance as a surgeon. She was one of the most loveable characters we could ever have asked for. She never did much to upset viewers, and we were always on her side. Then, we had to experience the loss of her which seemingly is one of the absolute worst deaths on the show. Now, we get to have her back, even if it’s only for a short time, it will be so awesome to get this closure. Meredith has gone through so much, will she remember these Covid-dreams when she wakes up? I hope so, she deserves the closure!

This is incredible. Personally, I feel as if production saw that fans were getting bored with Grey’s, annoyed at the writing, etc. and they knew that they had to do something big this season to draw us all back in. They didn’t fail! They keep bringing us back our most loved characters. My hope here is that they’re hiding the fact that Mark Sloane will be on set too! Imagine seeing them both, together!! If not, though, at least we know she will likely mention him!

I can’t wait to see what they talk about. I really hope they show her for a long time and that we get a lot of time just having her back.