Grey’s Anatomy Officially Has A Return Date!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is closer than we expected!

You heard me right, it’s official! Grey’s Anatomy will be back on September 30th, 2021! We are so excited. What is going to be in store though for this season? I feel like it’s going to be so strange after last season. Last season really felt like an “ending” to the show. Now we have to start back up and see where they go from here.

We lost Jackson Avery, we lost Tom Koracick. At the end of the last episode of season 17, we see Tom standing in a parking lot, again, looking conflicted. A car pulls up and it has Jackson Avery in it. A strange scene to see as the two of them do not get along. Tom wants to make a change, he wants to make a difference and be an ally. He states how when he had Covid, there were many people who shared a room with him and did not make it. They were all black. He wanted to make a change in any way he could and asks Jackson to use him. Jackson obliges and says to be in Boston at 6AM.

I Just hope that when they start this season, we get to see groundbreaking surgeries again. I miss the old Grey’s where we had the intense drama, the fear of what will happen with certain patients, etc. Grey’s Anatomy has been so focused on everything else, we rarely get to see the scenes within the patient’s room that make us fall in love with them.

What will happen with Jo Wilson as she changes specialties? Will Meredith get back into the OR. Will Carina be back in the hospital? How is Ben Warren. There are so many questions to ask and I hope we get answers this season because we need to know!

77 more days Grey’s family! Are we ready? Will it be the final season? I guess we’ll find out together!