Greys Anatomy: Patrick Dempsey Spills The Beans On What’s Wrong With Meredith

It looks like the theories were right! Meredith Grey has Coronavirus on Grey’s Anatomy. Derek Shepherd made an unexpected yet wildly loved return to Grey’s Anatomy on the season premiere back on November 12th. Fans have been going NUTS ever since (us included!!!)


Patrick Dempsey guessed starred on “Ellen”. He was talking about how Ellen Pompeo pitched the idea of his return and said: “I was like, what a great opportunity for people and how great it would be for the fans, really, to see everybody reunited in this sort of bizarre way, And [showrunner Krista Vernoff] came up with this concept where I would come and visit [Meredith] in her COVID dream.”


This quote gave us all the tea we have been waiting for! He said that he would visit Mer in her Covid dream, confirming to us that Covid is the cause of her passing out in the parking lot. Where will it go from here?! We know that Derek will grace us with his presence a few more times. How exciting!


I saw so many fan theories of this and others responding that Dempsey would NEVER come back as he has his own other shows. I never thought it was impossible though and now here we are! What does that mean going forward? What if Pompeo reached out to any of the other actors and actresses from the original cast.

I know we are all hoping to see Lexi and George in this Covid dream but unfortunately, I do not see that happening. We can all dream about it though because at this point the possibilities are honestly endless.

We are just hours away from the next episode airing, I can’t WAIT to see what comes next!! We would love to hear your ideas as well! Shoot us an email and let us know your theories on this season!!