Grey’s Anatomy Predicts a “Shocking” Season 19 Finale for Fans

The Season 19 finale of Grey’s Anatomy will be a “big one,” according to co-director Kevin McKidd.

According to TVLine, McKidd said, “I’m directing the first hour of this year’s two-hour finale. It will be a significant one. McKidd, who plays Owen Hunt on the show, also talked briefly about Ellen Pompeo’s return to the role of Meredith Grey. “The atmosphere here is festive; it isn’t the same without her. Furthermore, it’s fairly startling,” added McKidd. “There are going to be some things in it that people will be kind of surprised and shocked at.”

Since its 2005 ABC debut, the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy has mostly focused on Pompeo’s Meredith Grey and her life and profession. Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl, Patrick Dempsey, and T.R. Knight, all of whom have since left Grey’s Anatomy, were among the show’s all-star cast members.

The news that Pompeo would leave Grey’s Anatomy for the 19th season was released in November 2022. Pompeo made the following statement in a social media post on her departure: “Through it all… none of it… would have been possible without the finest fans in the world. You are all RIDERS, and you have all contributed to the ride’s incredible joy. Chandra Wilson and James Pickens Jr. are the only two actors from the show’s Season 1 cast still acting as Doctors Miranda Bailey and Richard Webber, respectively, as a result of Pompeo’s departure.

Numerous spinoffs of Grey’s Anatomy have also been produced, including as the web series Grey’s Anatomy: B Team, the ongoing Station 19, and the six-season Private Practise starring Kate Walsh that aired from 2007 to 2012. Walsh ultimately made his way back to Grey’s Anatomy, saying that it was like getting back into a “fever dream.” It was simple to show up emotionally and then suddenly burst into tears in the lift, she said, “There’s just so much.”

Grey’s Anatomy has accumulated a tonne of crossover episodes over the course of its run and the runs of its spinoff series. Several of these crossovers with Station 19 saw characters from the firefighting drama pass away inside the walls of the fictional Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital (originally Seattle Grace Hospital, later renamed Seattle Grace Mercy West).