Grey’s Anatomy: Season 17 Return Delayed

Unfortunately, Grey’s Anatomy was supposed to come back on March 4th and is now going to be back on March 11th. For normal people, the week delay doesn’t feel like much but for our Grey’s fans, it seems like an eternity.

We already don’t feel like we got enough episodes in the first half of the season and we are dying to know what’s going to come next. It looks like they are adding on this extra week as a buffer, as who knows what Covid will bring between now and March.

Grey’s fans everywhere are anxiously awaiting to see what happens to Meredith. Will she survive Covid-19? Will we see more of Derek Shepard? What about George? Will we get to see Lexi or Mark again? We need answers and we keep getting pushed back.

We, of course, want actors, actresses, and their families to stay safe during these unsure times. Our emotions have no sense of empathy though. They just want more episodes. We’re all hoping that they are able to smoothy film and edit so we can finally see what’s going to happen come March.

In the meantime, we will have to survive off reruns of the earlier seasons and thinking up scenarios in our head of what will happen next.

What do you all think will come next? It’s likely safe to conclude that Meredith will survive, because Chandra, the actress who portrays Miranda Bailey, has stated they aren’t ready to end the show yet. will she have deficits from the illness? Will she recover and get back together with Deluca? Maybe McWidow? What do you think? Let us know!

March 11th, please come quickly. Covid, please go away and stop ruining everything for everyone!