Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Finale: An Explanation

The two-hour Grey’s Anatomy season 19 finale will be remembered as one of the most stunning episodes of the programme because of its dramatic cliffhanger conclusion. The last episode of Grey’s Anatomy season 19 was a jam-packed one that had Maggie and Meredith’s reunion, a nuptial gone bad, the Catherine Fox Award presentation, and maybe the death of another major character. The clinicians working at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and those attending the Catherine Fox Award presentation in Boston, where Meredith went to after leaving the show midway through season 19, respectively, were the focus of the two-hour event. Grey’s Anatomy is renowned for its frightening finales, from the hospital shooting in season six to the aircraft disaster in season eight and the hospital fire in season thirteen, and season 19 didn’t let fans down.

Meredith was one of the few remaining original characters, and Maggie had been a series regular for ten seasons, thus their departures in Grey’s Anatomy season 19 both had a significant influence on the show. It only seemed fitting that the Grey’s Anatomy season 19 finale would be heavily focused on their returns. But because the finale was divided into two hour-long episodes, practically every character was given a significant moment or plot. Grey’s Anatomy has been picked up for a 20th season, so despite the finale’s significant cliffhanger, it will undoubtedly be resolved when the show returns.

The season 19 finale of Grey’s Anatomy offered a surprising cliffhanger, which is nothing new for the show. Teddy showed indicators of tooth discomfort the entire two hours, but because of her military experience and the hospital’s need for her, she was never really seen for treatment. Instead, she unexpectedly passed out in the closing moments of Grey’s Anatomy season 19, and the last time viewers saw her, she was comatose on the operating room floor being revived by Yasuda. Although it’s unclear if she will live when Grey’s Anatomy season 20 debuts, the cardiothoracic and trauma surgeon’s situation is not favorable.

When she was sacked from Grey’s Anatomy in the season 8 finale, Teddy had already left the show previously. However, in season 15, she made a complete comeback. Teddy’s love connections have received a lot of attention since her return. Still, in Grey’s Anatomy season 20, when Teddy was appointed Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan, she was able to once again shine professionally. It would be awful to end her life just when she was getting back into her groove and having an influence at the hospital, and it would be much crueler to keep viewers guessing as to what would happen to her. Thankfully, Teddy’s survival is likely due to the season 20 renewal and contract talks.

Lucas and Simone were doing surgery on a dying Sam at the same moment as Yasuda was trying to resuscitate Teddy, which is something that a resident is not permitted to accomplish without an attending’s supervision. It’s not the first time that Grey’s Anatomy has seen a resident execute an unauthorised procedure; Levi did the same thing in the season 18 finale, and when his patient passed away, it traumatised him and forced him to leave the hospital for a while. When Schmitt brought it up with Kwan earlier in the show, it was hinted that Lucas and Simone would make the same error Schmitt did.

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