Grey’s Anatomy Without Alex Karev

I’ve seen a lot of theories from many dear Grey’s fans and I cannot believe we have to wait ten more days until we find out what’s next for the show. Alex is gone and his last episode aired, these are facts we know. What we don’t know is how will they play it off come the new season. Here are a couple of theories going around.

Credit: ABC

Alex left to help his mom. This leaves us with some possibilities. They could keep him away and mention him quite a bit in hopes that once Chambers is feeling better, he may come back.

Another thought a fan had was that he could get into some sort of tragic accident, where his face is unrecognizable and he has surgery to repair it. Then they would replace him with another actor. This would be TRAGIC. Nobody can do justice to Karev’s character except Justin Chambers!

One more theory, which I think we all have seen, is that Alex dies. This just isn’t an option I can accept. That would mean no coming back! (unless they pull a ghost whisperer situation on us). Though, this theory would bring Grey’s back to the heart-wrenching show we used to know and love. Not only that, but it would bring us closure and understanding. It would make sense as to why we never see him again and why Jo is on her own now.

Only ten more days until we get to see how things unfold. This is turning into the longest wait of our lives. Alex is Mer’s person and this just isn’t fair! Although, his mental health always comes first. My heart is very sad though.