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Is Krista Vernoff Ruining Grey’s Anatomy?

We want to hear from you guys. Do you think Krista has been ruining Grey’s Anatomy since she took over the show?

Since Derek’s death in season 11, fans all over the world have said Grey’s Anatomy has never been the same. There hasn’t been as much drama or as many tears shed. We were all so used to watching some of our favorite characters leave the show tragically. Not that we want to see this happen, but it brought to us the gut-wrenching drama that we all loved and were addicted to. Grey’s fans now have mentioned numerous times across the world that they are bored with the current seasons of the show.

As the show progresses, we see many people saying “just end it already, it’s awful”. So what does everybody think? Is the show truly going downhill with every progressing episode? Or is there still hope for our favorite series.

Since season 16, it feels as if the writers are desperately trying to get our attention back. They have brought back Derek Shepherd, George O’Malley, Lexie Grey, Mark Sloan, and Ellis Grey thus far. We also have seen Addison Montgomery sightings and she is set to return once again for the season 18 finale. Some fans say this is exactly what they needed, while others say this is too much and it’s not working. They are still bored.

In season 18, thus far, we haven’t seen too much drama. Though as it’s coming to an end we’ve seen an almost death experience for Owen, and now he may be in legal trouble for giving life-ending medication in secret. This could cause some really rough things to happen to him and his entire family.

We are also presented with Meredith getting a job offer in Minnesota. As the show announces it is coming back for the 19th season, will Meredith really quit her position at Grey Sloan Memorial? Will she decide to stay? It seems the show would continue to go downhill if she were to work at a separate hospital and we no longer get to see her interactions every episode with everyone who is in Seattle.

Now that the big surgery is completed in Seattle, will we still see Kai and their relationship with Amelia? What is going to happen moving forward with Amelia and Linc? What might happen with Jo and Linc? The show has definitely given us quite a few things to look forward to, but where is the drama? Why does it feel like it’s moving in slow motion with no real “edge of your seat” moments? Just moments that leave us mildly curious.

So what are your thoughts? Has Krista ruined the show? Or is there still hope for our favorite series?