It Looks Like Season 17 Will Be Our Farewell To Grey’s Anatomy

During season 15 we got the news that Grey’s signed on for two more seasons. During this time, we also knew that Pompeo wanted to end the show soon to be with her children and husband more. Now with Justin Chamber’s is gone as well, it is becoming evident that season 17 may be the last season we get of our favorite series.

Ellen Pompeo had the following response when James Corden asked about the fate of the show, “Well, I can’t really say what I think, because if we really do what I want to do, that would give it away,” Pompeo said. “So, I’ve got to make up a lie, James! You’re forcing me to lie right now.” She then went on to say that she’d wish for the finale that all the originals come back around, but stated, “But that probably won’t happen. That would be the most amazing day, but some of them were killed on the show.”

Pompeo’s contract was supposed to be up after season 16 but she decided to extend it one year. She hints that she would love the show to go on forever. Pompeo is a mother and a wife and she wants to be home with her family even though she loves Grey’s so much. She indicated that they have been thinking of how to wrap the TV show up.

A statement she told Taraji P. Henson about wanting to quit Grey’s Anatomy over the years was surprising to a lot of us. She stated. “There were many moments, It’s funny: I never wanted off the bus in the year that I could get off. The first 10 years we had serious culture issues, very bad behavior, really toxic work environment. But once I started having kids, it became no longer about me. I need to provide for my family.”

We also just lost our beloved Alex from the show suddenly and unexpectedly. With a significant loss like this, that would lead us to believe even more so that Grey’s is coming to its end. Fans have gotten ancy with these last couple of seasons and it seems like it’s about time they wrap this up.

Though Pompeo has yet to confirm whether or not season 17 will be the last season, we have a lot of information surrounding us to assume it will be. As a die-hard Grey’s fan this is bittersweet. We all want to see what else is in store for everyone, but at the same time, we are all curious to see how it will end. Ellen leaves us with this; “You know, the fun thing about doing a show for 16 years and having a loyal, amazing, fantastic audience is we can really just play and have fun,” Pompeo said. And if any fandom could accept a crazy finale with open arms, it’s the legions who’ve been checked in to Seattle Grace Memorial’s dramas from the beginning.

All we can do for now is buckle up for the ride and see what happens! Oh, and also hope for a little more action this season.

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