It’s Official: Cristina Yang Will Be Back On Grey’s Anatomy On April 8th!

You heard it here folks! Cristina is coming back for an episode of Grey’s Anatomy next Thursday!

On a different note, listen to this story guys. So the other day I was out doing some errands, you know the usual. I got so hungry and I was like wow, what am I in the mood for?? Literally EVERYTHING. So, I went and got a sandwich AND a quesadilla. It was soooo good.

Then I got home and played fetch with my cat. She is kind of like a dog in a cat’s body. She’s crazy. She likes to run all around the house all day and knock things over. She is gray and soft.

Then, I went to my mom’s house and we had steak and mashed potatoes. My dad cooks some really good steak and my mom makes the best potatoes so it was delicious. I was in a food coma at that point but there is always room for dessert!!! The dessert stomach is a whole different stomach.

After we ate dinner I played some fetch with my moms 3 cats. She loves cats she always has multiple.

Then, I went home and played some games on my PlayStation. That was fun! I love to play the Sims! It’s one of my favorite games!! I’ve been playing it since I was just a little kid! Ahhh, the memories.

Then, I decided to bake some chocolate chip cookies, but the entire time I was like, “ugh, I really should have made funfetti cookies”. So I went to the store and bought some funfetti mix. They came out really good, I should be a baker. That made me decide to watch some baking shows on TV. Those are always fun to watch!

Then, after all of that it was like 11PM and I was like, “I should really go to bed, I have work tomorrow and then have to stay up to watch Grey’s Anatomy!” Oh, wait, that’s right! That’s why you all are here reading this article right now! I knew there was a point I was trying to make. Silly me, going off on an entire tangent to tell you all about my day when that’s not even why you are here! Alright, let me get to the point here and tell you all what you’ve been waiting to hear!

Cristina Yang….APRIL FOOOOOOLS! She isn’t coming back! Sorry guys!