Jackson and April MUST Have a Spin-Off Show in Boston

Am i right or am i right? April is going with Jackson to Boston with Harriet. Her and Matthew are separated, Jackson is single, this just makes sense!

Imagine it, they get to Boston and live either together (you know, for the baby of course!) or they live in homes right next door to each other. They spend time together every single day because they can both play with Harriet and spend time with her as a family now. Little by little that flame rekindles!

It’s the perfect scenario. Then we get to see their lives develop and flourish together. They always said their timing was always off. They even mentioned that in Thursdays episode. Now, how could this timing be any more perfect?

This could be the perfect thing for Greys’s fans, too. Imagine just how heartbroken we will be when the show actually comes to an end. If we have a spin-off (not Station 19, that won’t suffice, unfortunately) that is closely knit from Grey’s, our hearts will feel rest and ease as the show comes to an end.

So many things happen involving Boston, too. They could bring back some of our favorites in this spin off! Callie and Arizona are only 3 hours or so from Boston, they could come back too! There is an endless realm of possibilities with this, how amazing would it be!!

Now, this is all just suspicion, of course nothing has been confirmed. We don’t even know if Grey’s is ending anytime soon or not yet. We are just taking time to do some wishful thinking here. We see how great they are setting this up to happen, and hope that they will go in this direction.

If we hear anything more on this topic, we will be sure to let you all know. As of this moment, we have just wishes, no actual reason to believe they are doing this. Everyone cross your fingers!

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