Like Her Mother, Meredith Grey Have It Too

Credit: Grey’s Anatomy

Meredith has had one of the most melodramatic lives we have seen on this show. She’s made it through a bomb, the death of both parents, drowning, the hospital blowing up, a plane crash, mass shootings, deaths of friends and loved ones (including a child), and basically more bull than anybody should have to experience in one lifetime. 

Is it real though? Did Mer ACTUALLY experience all of this? Or is she experiencing this through the eyes of her disease?. If Meredith had Alzheimer’s, all (or even just most) if these tragic events would be the result of her misremembering everything in her life. 

How probable is this? Well, we know the show is coming to an end soon. How are they going to wrap this up? Surely, after so many years of a heart wrenching, the edge of your seat, the nail-biting drama has to have some type of “blow your mind” end to it right? So, my theory here? Mer hasn’t lived these tragedies at all. She is just remembering things the wrong way. Oh, yeah. And Derek is still alive trying to remind her every day of who she is and the life she really had. A girl can dream, right?