Miranda Bailey’s Celeb Crush, Idris Elba, Tests Positive For Coronavirus

On Monday, Idris Elba got the results that he tested positive for COVID-19. He wrote on Twitter that he has no symptoms so far and is feeling fine, but is self quarantining as to not spread the virus elsewhere.

He also stated: ” Look, this is serious. Now is the time to really think about social distancing, washing your hands. Beyond that, there are people out there who aren’t showing symptoms and that can easily spread it. OK. So, now is a real-time to be really vigilant about washing your hands and keeping your distance.”

We know Miranda Bailey is somewhere out there praying he will be okay, as Ben is still alive and she has not gotten to fulfill her fantasies with Elba yet.

On a serious note, Grey’s Fans, be sure to keep yourself safe! Practice some social distancing and rewatch the series. We will get through this one day at a time! Wash your hands, keep things clean and stay home as much as you can.

As we all know by now, 80% of cases will not be anything to worry about. But many of us have older relatives and friends, as well as immunodeficient relatives and friends. For them, this virus can have another outcome. Let’s be safe and not spread it.

For the love of God though, DON’T TAKE ALL THE TOILET PAPER!!!!