Cast of Grey's Anatomy standing together

None of The Grey’s Anatomy Characters Exist!

We all know the theory of how all Winnie the Pooh characters represent mental disorders. And we have all seen the movie Inside Out. Greys Anatomy is just like those. Derek represents Meredith’s ability to love and be loved. Cristina is her desire for friendship. Sloan is her lustful side. Owen is her bravery (and stupidity apparently) Richard is her addictions. I could go on and on here, but do you see what I’m getting at?!

None of The Grey's Anatomy Characters Exist!

Another series/movie that leads us to believe we are watching one reality when actually we aren’t at all! But, if these are all hallucinations of Mer’s…then where is she? What disease might she have? Who is taking care of her? Was she ever a doctor?

What was ever real?