Quiz: Can You Guess Which Season We’re Talking About With Just A Few Clues?

Robo Legs, Vetrans, Love Child, White House,Plane Crash, Truck Accident
Man In A Bar, Bike Race, Magazines, Party, Syphilis
Residents, Chief Resident, Norman, Ashes, Halloween, Sky Diving, Clinical Trial
Funeral, Laughter, Liver, Inoperable Tumors, Bad Dreams Bad Dreams Go Away, Shooting
Pregnancy, Religious Constraints, Train, Pole, Georgey, Turkey,Strike
Baby, Exhaustion, Gala, Brain Mapping, Arguments, Malpractice, Wedding, Objections
Shiva, Superpowers, McSteamy, Money, Camping, Club, Ava, Marriage...Or Not
The Surge, Lawsuit, Wedding, Phantom Limb, New Leadership, Storm
Ice, Solo Surgery, Denny's Heart, Death & Die, Sleepwalker, Wedding, Intervention, Bus
Amy, Documentary, Clinical Trial, Fishing, Mass Casualties, Henry, Chief Resident, Music
Zola, Comics, Catherine, Mama O'Malley, Conjoined Twins, Boards, Plane Crash
Resurrection, Prison, Assault, See One Do One Teach One, Montana, Lasagna, Breast Cancer, Megan
Matchmaking, Blind Dates, Betty, Day Of The Dead, Fog
Dinner Party, UTI, Penny, Attack, Dream Team, Clipboard, GSW, Custody
Returns, Harper Avery, Farouk, Hacker, Clive, Game Night, Iowa, Wrong Wedding
Quiz: Guess The Season With Just These Clues
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