Quiz: Can You Nail All These Grey’s Anatomy Questions?

Only a true Grey's fan can nail all of these questions!!
How Did Derek Almost Die?
How did Adele Webber die?
Whose idea was it to have a free clinic?
What is Jo Wilson's actual first name?
How many children did Mark Sloan have?
How many children did Amelia Shepard have
What is Zola's middle name?
What STD did George get?
What did Meredith specify she didn't want in her roommate ad?
Who hasn't lived in Derek's trailer?
Which intern wore glasses?
Which university did Cristina not earn a degree from?
How many seconds were between Denny and the other person at the top of the transplant list?
How did Arizona lose her leg?
What was Joe's boyfriends name?
Quiz: Can You Nail These Grey's Anatomy Questions?
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