Quiz: Do You Remember These Grey’s Anatomy Breakups?

Do you remember all of the drama in these relationships and breakups? Put your memory to the test!
Why Did Izzie And Alex Break Up?
How did Derek and Meredith break up?
Why did April and Jackson break up?
How did Erica and Callie break up?
What broke Mark and Lexi up?
Why did Cristina and Owen break up?
How Did Preston and Cristina Break Up?
Why Did George And Izzie Break Up?
Why Did Meredith And Nathan Break Up?
Who Was Arizona On A Date With When Callie Approached Her?
Why Didn't Mark And Addison Give It A Real Try?
Why Did Miranda Get Divorced?
Why Did Richard And Ellis Break Up?
Why Did Richard And Adele Break Up
Why Did Owen And Emma Break Up?
Do You Remember These Grey's Anatomy Break Ups?
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