Quiz: Do You Remember These Scenes?

Who is also being operated on while Derek operates on Burke?
What song does Catherine and the whole OR dance to?
Who tricks Gary Clark into thinking that Derek is dead during surgery?
What was Henry Burton's cause of death?
Who operates during a power outage?
What organ did Meredith drop on the floor?
Who was performing abdomen surgery on Meredith after she gave birth?
How long did Derek stare at Issac's brain without doing anything?
How many inches did Chuck lose from his botched height surgery?
How many patients were involved in the domino surgery?
Who helps Tom through surgery when he freezes?
Who found out there was a bomb in the chest cavity first?
How did Gary Clark's wife die?
Who removes a tumor without consent in season 8?
Why does Weber bring Henry into surgery early?
Do You Remember These Scenes From The OR?
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