Quiz: Grey’s Anatomy’s Hardest Holiday Quiz

Can you get all of these Grey's Anatomy Holiday questions correct!?
In Season 2 Episode 12, Yang comes home to Burke and he is reading what book?
In season 2 episode 12 a man comes in with a gastric rupture from what Holiday food?
In season 6 episode 10, Miranda's father gets mad that they are discussing what topic at Christmas dinner?
In season 6 episode 10, who is singing Silent Night while Bailey tells off her father at the dinner table?
In season 9 episode 7 who is planning a Christmas wedding?
In season 9 episode 7, what Christmas gift does Mer give to Derek?
In season 11 episode 22, Catherine proposes to Richard. What do they call this
In season 11 episode 22, where does Meredith spend Christmas
In season 15 episode 12, what couple shares a first kiss at Christmas time?
In season 15 episode 12 whose love is being fought for between 2 men?
In season 6 episode 10 who is singing Christmas songs while Owen plays guitar
In season 2 episode 12, who is laying under the Christmas tree?
What gift does Sloan give her father, Mark Sloan, for Christmas?
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