Grey’s Anatomy’s Hardest Quiz Yet!

In the beginning of season 5, what was the hospitals ranking?
Where does Addison go once she leaves Seattle?
What was the name of the woman George saved from the bus accident?
What number episode did Izzy and Alex get married?
What kind of cancer did Izzie have?
What was Gary Clark's wife's name?
What caused the plane crash?
What was the name of the pilot on the plane that crashed?
Why was Richard Webber's sight damaged in season 1?
What was Bailey's 2nd rule
Whose idea was it to name the hospital Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital?
Where do we see Callie first living?
How much money did Denny leave to Izzie
Which character from season 1 appeared at Meredith's court hearing
What do all the McNeil children have?
Quiz: Even Meredith Grey Herself Can't Get 100%
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