Quiz: How Many Of These Grey’s Anatomy Questions Can You Get Right?

What was the name of Meredith & Derek's dog?
What is Amelia Shepherd's nickname?
What is Callie's middle name?
What is used to make incisions?
What kind of doctor was Callie?
How many children does Meredith have?
What name did Izzie give her Daughter?
What is Derek's middle name?
How long were Derek and Addison married?
What was Addison's middle name?
What was Alex's brothers name?
How many love interests did we see Alex have?
What was Mark's middle name?
How many child(ren) did Mark Sloan have?
What holiday were Richard and Adele married on?
Owen was in the
What was Jackson's fathers name?
Which was NOT one of Jackson's nicknames
What religion was April Kepner
Are you ready for Grey's to come back this year?!
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