Quiz: Only 12% Of Grey’s Fans Can Get All 16

Who came up with the nickname McDreamy?
Who did Arizona cheat on Callie with?
Who was first asked to go into the basement during a huge storm?
Who was on the show the longest?
Who was Izzie's first boyfriend
What is Meredith's favorite drink
When did Richard first get married
Who stuck their hand in a chest cavity with a bomb
Which intern got the first surgery and what was it?
In season 5 what was the rank of the hospital?
Who was shot last during the hospital shooting?
Where were the doctors headed when they got into the plane crash?
What STD did Alex and George have?
What was George's first nickname?
What was April and Jacksons daughters name
What is it thought that Andrew Deluca may have?
Only 12% Of Fans Score A 100% On This Quiz
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