Quiz: Who? What? When? Why? Grey’s Edition

Who wasn't on the plane to Boise?
What was Jackson hoping to name Samuel?
Which leg did Arizona lose?
When did Meredith say her final goodbye to her mother
Why was Teddy so angry at Owen after Henry died?
Who did Alex save from the ferry crash?
Who lied to Izzie's mom and said the cancer was almost gone?
Why did Izzie pretend she was chocking?
Who ended up with Sofia at the very end?
How many times was Cristina pregnant?
Who was Cristina's teacher that always grabbed her butt?
Who was Meredith's dog?
What did ghost Denny always say to Izzie?
What does Callie yell at her father?
Where was Zola from?
Grey's Anatomy: Who? When? or Why?
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