Reason Why Derek & Meredith’s Post-It Note Was Saved by Grey’s Anatomy

Only Meredith and Derek’s post-it note survived the fire that destroyed Meredith’s home in the Grey’s Anatomy season 19 fall finale. The horrific fire brought the episode to a close and signaled the start of the show’s four-month break, which will finish on February 23. Fortunately, the three children of Meredith, Maggie, and Winston who were all present at the time could leave the house unscathed, but their possessions were not so lucky. This raises the question of why, out of everything in the home, the post-it note was kept.

Maggie and Winston spend most of the episode helping Meredith pack for her impending transfer to Boston in the attic of her home. The infamous post-it note, popularly known as Meredith and Derek’s wedding message, is discovered here. Meredith and Derek chose to write their vows on a post-it note in the Grey’s Anatomy season 5 finale rather than have the wedding they had originally planned since Alex and Izzie, who was battling cancer, had asked them to do so. That was a precious moment that represented their undying love for one another, and they framed it to remember their “wedding.”

Throughout their marriage and the seasons before it, when they had a broken relationship, Meredith and Derek served as the show’s central pair. Both viewers and other characters could see that they were meant to be, even when they were separated. They were the great love tale, as Arizona once remarked. Derek passed away at the conclusion of season 11, despite rumors to the contrary, but their love story has endured in remembrance.

Derek is a constant in Meredith’s thoughts and heart even if she has moved on romantically. After Meredith contracted COVID-19 and went into a coma in Grey’s Anatomy season 17, she began having beach-related hallucinations involving Derek as well as other people. The post-it note is concrete proof of their love, even though they ultimately got married on this beach. Grey’s Anatomy continues to respect Derek and his connection with Meredith even though he has been dead for a while; preserving the post-it note from the fire is only one instance of this.

As the home burnt down, Meredith and her kids were already preparing to relocate to Boston, but Amelia, the anti-House character from Grey’s Anatomy, was still residing there and had no intention of leaving. Amelia is now without a place to live because Meredith’s home has occasionally served as her home ever since she joined Grey’s Anatomy from Private Practice in season 10. She and her ex-boyfriend Link have a son together, but because Link currently lives with Jo, it seems doubtful that she will move in with him.

Kai, her spouse, is the next logical candidate for a roommate. The Grey Center is where they work, while Kai resides in Minnesota. During season 19, Kai is mentioned as a significant guest character who has already made an appearance in one episode. Kai and Amelia could decide to move in together as a result of Amelia’s present situation, which would most likely result in Kai moving to Seattle, where Grey’s Anatomy is based.