Sarah Drew Is Returning To Grey’s Anatomy!

You heard that right guys! April Kepner is coming back! According to the Grey’s Anatomy official Instagram and Twitter page, Sarah Drew is going to have a guest appearance on Grey’s Anatomy!

How exciting is this?! We are in the midst of a CRAZY season where we just witnessed one of the first major things to happen since Krista took over writing. Season 17 has brought us so many loved and missed characters back to the big screen. Now, we finally have another. One who is alive!

How crazy is this going to be? We get to watch everyone, not just covid ridden Meredith, react to the comeback! What does this mean for whats coming next? How is April going to appear? Is she going to be at a funeral? Or will she be called in as a trauma surgeon? I wonder what her life looks like now with Matthew.

In an ideal world, I think she will come back not for a funeral. I personally do not want her here just to attend a sad funeral. I would love to see her come back, scrub in and be a part of the action.

I miss the Grey’s days where we would see so much drama and medical cases. Now, it’s like all we see is this same revolving scenes and it’s so frustrating. Fingers crossed that things go back to normal, but at least in the meantime we have a little throwback normalcy with all of the ones we have missed and love so much.

What do you guys think is going to happen? Send us your thoughts of when April will be back, what she will be doing and how the episode will play out! We would love to get some theories written up and see what everyone thinks!

I hope all our fellow Grey’s fan’s are surviving after that CRAZY episode we just endured. Stay strong, see you for another emotional rollercoaster in 6 days!