Season 16 Comes To A Sad, Unexpected End

Just as things are beginning to heat up during season 16, they must bring it to an end. Episode 21 will be serving as the season finale. Fortunately, Krista states that this episode will make for a “satisfying” finale for us.

Doesn’t it figure though? Right as the season starts to actually pick up and get interesting after a long drawn out beginning, it has to stop short. Granted, it’s for the heath and safety of the cast and production crew.

With Covid-19 being as widespread and easily spread as it is right now, it is for everyone’s own good to stay home and stay safe.

The cast has been going live on Instagram a bit lately, keeping our spirits up and entertaining us while we’re all home bored!

Now, anyone who understands the severity of Coronavirus understands we need to stay home to protect the groups of individuals that are not easily able to fight it off. If that doesn’t give you enough motivation to stay home and flatten the curve, do it for answers to our Grey’s questions! just kidding guys, do it for the people who will have to fight for their lives if they get it)

In the meantime, we can start over from the beginning! Do I see a new Grey’s challenge? Who can finish up to the current season before quarantine is over? Ready? Set? GO!