Season 17: What We Know and What To Expect

Hello Grey’s fans! If you’re like me, you cannot wait for season 17 to come! Right now we probably all feel a little anxious because we don’t know when it will premier. The good news is it looks like the cast is back on set. It doesn’t seem like they’ve begun filming just yet though.

Here is what we know so far. Season 16 ended a few episodes short of what was planned, due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Krista had mentioned that she planned to address the young girl who Deluca had recognized as being in a sex trafficking scandal. This was a story line i know myself, and many other fans have been waiting to see unfold.

Another thing we are looking forward to seeing is the drama between Teddy, Owen and Tom. Now that Owen knows everything, what is going to happen next? Some fans think that Owen will forgive Teddy since he has a fear of being alone. He also cheated on Cristina which could make him feel a little more inclined to forgive. Other fans believe that Owen will leave Teddy and we might find another custody battle on our hands. Will things get ugly?

Things with Meredith have been pretty low-key since she got her medical license back. What’s in store next for her, her love life and her career? Will she get back together with Andrew Deluca? Or perhaps she’ll leave him for our newest hottie, McWidow? Maybe she’ll go a whole different route and be the bad-ass she is and be a single powerful woman with a huge career. Who knows! What we do know, though, is that Ellen Pompeo believes the wait will be well worth it!

What about Richard and Catherine? Richard just went through one of the craziest situations we’ve seen in a long time. (Hopefully Krista starts throwing some more crazy at us) Will he decide to forgive her? Or will this be a whole new side of him, ready to start fresh? Do we think Catherine learned her lesson? She definitely brought the most pettiness we’ve seen in a while!

Writers also mentioned addressing Covid-19 in the upcoming season. Will someone get it? Will someone die from it? This season has a plethora of possibilities and I personally can’t wait to see what it brings! I hope that the crew can starting filming very soon, while staying safe and healthy! I’m sure they have loved the break to spend more time with their families, but are also eager to get back at it! (As are we!!)