The End Of Grey’s Anatomy Is Near

It’s no secret we are hanging on by a thread at this point. Numerous rumors have been going around talking about the end of Grey’s Anatomy. It is currently the longest-running medical drama other than General Hospital. We have invested years of our lives into it, so this news does not come lightly to us.

When? When will it end? Well as of right now we don’t know for sure. Ellen has made comments about not returning, others have made comments about signing new contracts, so we are getting a lot of mixed feelings here. It seems as if Pompeo is thinking about calling it a wrap soon, but we just don’t know when yet. Some think it’ll be a few more seasons until they put an end to it. What do you think?

A sparkle of good news though, is Chandra Wilson, AKA Doctor Bailey, interviewed with ETonline and said “I know from a creative standpoint there have been many ‘This is how the season would end’ conversations and then they all end up [not happening] because of a myriad of reasons. Because the network’s not ready, the studio’s not ready, the fanbase isn’t ready, the numbers are too good, all of those things,” Wilson told ET’s, Katie Krause. “Collectively, they’ve decided we’re not going to put an end on it. We’re just going to wait and see.”

Fans have been creating various endings for the show since the early seasons. Some believe Meredith will get Alzheimer’s, others think maybe she will die, some even think it’ll fast forward to seeing the Grey’s Anatomy children as interns on their first day. We here personally like the last option. Imagine Grey’s Anatomy ending with the option of starting up another series with the grown up children? Maybe they could bring the parents back too so we can reminisce and have some joy during the dark times ahead with no new episodes.

What are we going to do with ourselves every Thursday night? This leaves only one option and that is to re-watch and feel the pain of the bomb squad guy, George, Doc, Denny, the shooting, the plane crash, Mark, Lexi, and so much more all over again and I don’t know if Grey’s fans can handle this emotional abuse. We are resilient. Hell, we watch this show over and over again as it is and take the emotional abuse. BUT, the idea of going through this turmoil AND not having another new episode ever again?! TORTURE. I’m not ready so I’ll need a minimum of three more full seasons.