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The Most Uncomfortable Kisser on Grey’s Anatomy, According to Fans

Because of its intricate and intriguing medical situations as well as its love tales, Grey’s Anatomy is the sort of programme that can be viewed repeatedly.

The manner certain characters kiss, though, is something that viewers would want to see less of.

Redditors have spoken, and there is in fact one character whose kissing game sorely needs refining, despite the fact that there may be more than one contender for the title of the most uncomfortable kisser.

It goes without saying that the well-liked medical drama has nearly nonstop PDA and make-out sessions. With 406 episodes and 19 seasons under its belt, some of the hot sequences are likely to be worse than others and not all of them elicit desire.
Whose kissing sequences, however, make viewers shudder the most is the actual question. Fans have been discussing, but it should come as no surprise that the answer is none other than Dr. Owen Hunt.

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First off, he usually smacks far too hard.

They’re actually so hungry that it appears as though he’s attempting to consume the other person’s face, earning him the humorous fan nicknames Velociraptor and Face Eater. Furthermore, supporters point out that it appears really painful to be the recipient of it.

However, several stated that they genuinely used to enjoy the theatrical manner he kissed Cristina Yang during the first few seasons since they believed it was an important part of their relationship. But when he continued doing the same with every woman he was with after Cristina, it soon became monotonous and overly intense.

Second, and this irritates the fans to no end, it appears like Owen’s go-to response to any problem that arises in his relationships is a vigorous make-out session.

More precisely, watchers have seen that he essentially pounces on Cristina anytime she attempts to have a serious talk with him. This is not only harmful, but it also has a disturbing appearance and unnerves some people.

It’s difficult to determine if the production crew is to blame or whether the acting and kissing are lacking. Whatever the case, it’s clear that Owen is regarded as Grey’s Anatomy’s worst kisser, and it’s simple to understand why.