The Next Episodes Of Season 16 Unfolded {SPOILERS}

Alright so now we know Alex is gone, and we know where he went. For those of you who aren’t caught up yet – Alex is with Izzie, they have twins that are five years old (a boy and a girl) that she had from the embryos they made when she had cancer. He left Jo and gave her everything he had, including his shares of the hospital.

So where do we go from here? Our prediction is this. Amelia’s baby end’s up being Owens and not Link’s. Teddy then stays with Tom Koracick (who we personally love). Jo is now single again so she and Link fall in love. Amelia and Owen have the baby together. It all pieces together now.

But here is where we’re unsure. Owen ruins almost every relationship he has. He and relationships just don’t work. I don’t want him to ruin anything more with Amelia. I want to see Amelia flourish. So part of me hopes that the baby is Link’s, they stay together and in love and raise a happy family. Link and Jo remain each other’s “person”, Teddy and Koracick stay together and Owen just stays single and stops being a relationship fiend.

I hope Jo finds love again, and this time she finds love that treats her amazing AND stays til the end. She deserves that.

We also hope that Mer and McWidow fall in love because they would make a fantastic couple. That is a storyline I would love to see unfold. I was on the Deluca train once before, but as time goes on he seems less and less right for her. I think it’s time for her to get with the right guy.

So, those are our theories and hopes. What do you guys think will happen next?