The Saddest Death on Grey’s Anatomy Had Every Member Of The Cast Crying As They Read The Script

It turns out that the painful surprise wasn’t only for the audience. If Grey’s Anatomy is recognized for one thing, it’s how easy it kills off characters who have no intention of returning. While this is reasonable in a fantasy battle setting like Game of Thrones, the number of casualties in Grey’s Anatomy’s current time period is nearly obscene.

Fans have been impacted differently by different deaths across the cosmos. It goes without saying that each was a terrible tragedy, but because certain characters are more adored than others, it was only natural for the fans to respond in diverse ways. It’s easy to conclude that the two deaths—Mark Sloan at the start of season 9 and Lexie Grey at the conclusion of season 8—were the most tragic of all.

They were not only cruelly split up while being deeply in love, but no one could have foreseen this outcome. The news of Chyler Leigh’s departure shocked not just the cast and crew of the programme, but also the audience. The cast was unaware of Lexie’s passing until a table read since no one had informed them previously.

Sarah Drew, who at the time played April Kepner on Grey’s Anatomy, described the moments most of her co-stars discovered the plot surprise in an interview with E! News:

We were all sobbing throughout the table read because nobody had predicted it. There were rumors that someone might pass away, but nobody knew for sure. I suppose she was aware, but the rest of us weren’t. That table read truly made us cry, it was very depressing.

Little did they know that Mark Sloan’s co-star Eric Dane was already on the list of people who would be fired.

On the other hand, Grey’s Anatomy, which airs on ABC, has been renewed for a second, 20th anniversary season. The programme is scheduled to return to our screens in the middle of the 2023 season, despite a minor delay brought on by the writers’ strike.