The Wait Is Over! Grey’s Anatomy Is On It’s Way Back This Month!

We’ve all been dying to have Grey’s Anatomy come back for the next season. Season 16 left us with a lot of questions. Krista Vernoff herself admitted that due to Covid-19, the season ended a few episodes earlier than planned. But have no fear guys, because according to Vairety, Grey’s Anatomy is back to filming! Season 17 is underway this month!

As of right now we still don’t know when the show itself will return, but we do know filming could begin as soon as next week.

Returning to production is a really great sign, although ABC has not confirmed if the show will return in the fall. ABC did announce a few Autumn shows that will return. Grey’s Anatomy is not the only ABC show to return to production. It looks like a few fan favorites such as The Goldbergs, A Million Little Things, and The Good Doctor, have all also returned to production. This is all very food news and a step in the right direction.

When we left off in the unexpected season finale, we had a lot of things go unanswered. What’s going to happen with Owen and Teddy? What will Amelia and Link’s life with a beautiful baby look like? Is Deluca okay? What will happen with the young girl involved in the sex trafficking trade? Are Deluca and Mer going to get back together? What will happen with Maggie and her new beau? There are so many things we as fans are eager to see unfold.


Things are moving in a positive direction Grey’s family! From here we just have to hope everybody stays safe and production goes smoothly! In the meantime, it wouldn’t hurt to go watch from the beginning again would it? We don’t think so!

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