We Did It! It Looks Like Fans Will Finally Get A Proper Goodbye For Alex

By now we all have heard the news or saw the preview for the upcoming episode of Grey’s Anatomy next Thursday, 3/5. It looks like we are finally going to get a goodbye and see what is going on with Alex Karev.

Spoilers coming ahead so don’t read if you didn’t watch the last episode on 2/27!

I don’t know about you guys, but when Mer texted Alex and said she knew he wasn’t in Iowa, I was like “wait what?!?!” It was not what I expected. I really was convinced that they were just going to keep saying he was with his mom and slowly fade him out. I had come to terms with it as much as I didn’t like it. Then Thursday they throw this loophole at us!

Photo: ABC

I don’t know what to expect. I’ve seen a lot of theories. I’ve seen people thinking he died in an accident. That doesn’t make as much sense just because he was clearly typing back to Meredith when she texted him and then stopped typing. Then I’ve seen others saying his mother had a schizophrenic episode and she killed him. Woah. That one is a little extreme but hey… this is Grey’s Anatomy! Who knows what will happen!

I don’t know if I’m ready for this though! I don’t want an end to Alex, of course. What I do want is for Jo to find peace. Krista told Variety that she was being quite careful with Alex’s exit because she doesn’t want Jo to end up in a similar situation as she was recently in.

That makes sense to me. It seemed like everyone was pretty torn when it came to Jo’s past situation and struggles. It was important to bring light into the world of depression but it was a little drawn out. I don’t want to see her fall victim to that again.

We have less than a week before we get closure and probably heartbroken. I’m not ready to say goodbye to Alex Karev. I’m not ready for Mer to lose her person (even though I really love McWidow and ship him being her person or even boyfriend).

Grab your tissues, Grey’s fans!